You Choose

“She yelled at me.”

My five-year-old shot through the dining room like a miniature rocket and squished his body next to me for safety.

“Something happen?”

“Don’t you ever yell at your kids?” My friend seemed annoyed.

“Well…not really..”

I told my three little sons they were gifts from God. I remember one of them at three years old running through the house chanting, “I’m a gift! I’m a gift!”

I wanted them growing up feeling valued, never destroyed by my words or actions. I poured love and encouragement into them the best I knew how.

She defended herself over a spilled kool-aid incident.

Why not choose to say something like, ‘Whoa! Accidents happen. Let me help you clean up this mess.”

Don’t do it for them. Invite them on your team and teach them responsibility by cleaning up after themselves.

If your words speak damage to someone no matter their age they may not remember what you said.

You can count on them remembering how you made them feel.

Each of us can attest to that at some point in our lives.


My husband hollered from the next room, “Is it coming out yet?”

I watched the copper tubing behind the refrigerator. I’d asked him to hook up our ice machine.

“Yea. Yes! Ahhhhhhhh!” I shrieked as a cold stream of water shot in the middle of my shirt.

Shock triggered my personal laughter lever to high voltage.

He came around the corner chuckling.

I starting sweeping up cobwebs and crumbs behind the refrigerator and didn’t notice him standing behind me.

“Whoa!” You about poked my eye out!” He pulled his head back as I jerked the broom backward.

Hysterical laughter.

The situation could have had a different outcome.

Erupt in anger. Purple words. Thick negativity clouds ruining an evening.

We have a choice in how we’re going to respond.

Take a breath. Find the humor in the situation.

A lot of things don’t matter.

What matters are the people you are with. The way you’re treating them. How you’re influencing them.

And setting boundaries with those who choose destruction.

Proverbs 18:21 – ” Death and life are in the power of the tongue…..”

Isn’t it better to laugh?

I’d rather choose the high road.

I traveled enough with people that chose toxicity. Allowing simple life’s situations to end up creating days of tension.

I’d rather stand on the rooftop and scream “I’m free!”

Than wallow around in the mud.

I wonder…….do llamas like mud?

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