Don’t Quit


His team of medical professionals surrounded my son’s hospital bed, preparing him for a 1 1/2 hour elbow surgery.

“Hey! ”  He looked straight at the surgeon.

“I know I am in great hands, and that you are gonna fix me right up!”

The doctor’s face lit up.

Then my son turned to the anesthesiologist and grinned his pearly whites.

“Let’s party!”

Perspective.  It’s all in how you choose to look at things.

The men told him they would take good care of him in the operating room.  And they did.

Certainly they will not forget my son and his positive spirit.  

A beacon of light  in their journey.


The little black horse in the picture was created by this same son of mine in grade school.    

It’s appearance resembles his character.  The tiny ceramic animal you might say has experienced some trauma.  Most likely everyone can say at some point in life you’ve experienced a level of adversity.

The little horse sits on my end table in the living room.  It’s missing a foot and has a broken leg.  I hadn’t really paid much attention to it until recently.

I’d been home from the hospital a week.  A friend visited me daily to make sure I had meals prepared, laundry done, and just kept me company.  She did her personal work on her computer while I napped.  She gave of herself and her time unconditionally and served as my caregiver for nearly two weeks.  She truly was a beacon of light.

I tried to get up frequently, only to have to lie back down after 5-6 minutes and have to rest or sleep.  Recovery was difficult.  I can’t remember ever being so sick, and it was mentally and emotionally draining as well.

Several weeks ago lying on the floor in debilitating pain I had no choice but to call an ambulance.   Out of nowhere and in a fury came this storm in my life.  

As I struggled the first week in recovery, I noticed the little black ceramic horse.  

Broken.  Compromised.  Handicapped.  Wounded.  Suffering.  Setback.

 Something about this little creature  struck a chord deep inside me.  Something special.  

It was very simple.  He was in motion.

He held his head high.  He was moving forward.  In spite of the adversity.

I thought to myself, “Okay.  I need to be like this little horse.  I probably can’t break out into a full gallop, speeding in a race…but I have to keep moving.  Just keep in motion.”

Walking to my mailbox was even a grueling task.  10-15 feet on the sidewalk and I was worn out.

I had to make the choice.  In spite of feeling so sick, I had to make the choice of getting up and trying, or continuing to lie in bed and spiral downward into depression.

I couldn’t quit.

So this brings me to you.

Where are you?  What’s in your heart?

I’m reaching out to you.  I don’t want you to quit.  

Whatever it is.

Don’t quit.

There’s someone that needs you to be their beacon of light.

You’ve got something that person needs to encourage them to keep going.  

To make a difference in their life.

You matter.

Hold your head up.  High.

Keep moving. 

Just like that little horse.  Even if it hurts.  Even if it’s uncomfortable.

You choose.

This morning a friend’s facebook post challenged others —

“Who’s ready to dominate this day!?”

That’s it.  You choose.

Someone out there needs you to be an encourager.  A beacon of light on their journey.



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