Step into your Power Boots

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 I watched a You-tube video of a woman in her 60’s lamenting over past years of lost opportunities.  She encouraged her followers to share things they wished they’d done.  I kept reading posts and slumped lower in my office chair.

I wish I’d taken that trip. 

Finished my degree.

Relocated for that great job.

Left the toxic relationship earlier.

That depression demon pressed on my shoulders and hit replay in my brain…searching my own past until I wacked my forehead to rattle it loose!

What? Why don’t we just throw ourselves down on our yoga mats and chant ‘Oh woe is me!’

Girlfriend!  You are not dead yet!  No matter if you’re 20 or 80 you and I share something beautiful.


We have the power to choose.

Take the trip!  Sell something.  Save your daily coffee money.

Enroll in a course!

Want to be closer to God?  Read your Bible.  Pray.

For me, it’s a matter of mind set.

Setting goals.  Finding a focus.  Spending time with my heavenly Father.

Then taking action.

We can’t waste anymore time with limited beliefs!

You’re stronger than you think.

And you might just find a fun way of embracing life in your new season.

I have.

By putting on my power boots.

Last May we lost my uncle and my family helped get his home ready for an estate sale.  I was thankful I’d been able to spend a little time with him since I’d moved to Texas.

Every year my parents would travel 7 hours from K.C. to visit our extended family for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I remember Uncle Penny wearing fancy pearl-button shirts, cowboy boots and hats.  He smiled a big Texas smile and hugged you hard.

I sat in the floor of the master bedroom sifting through his personal belongings.  I know I didn’t understand the depth of emotion my cousin was experiencing.  Our moms were sisters.  I feel deeply connected to her and wanted to be there for her.

I remember looking at several pairs of boots standing lifeless in the bottom of my uncle’s closet.  He bought nice ones.  Each pair carried hidden stories of places they took him.  I secretly wished I could have a pair to keep.  To cherish.

My cousin and I tried on her dad’s boots and hats one of the work days.  We laughed and played, remembering her dad.  His boots fit us both!

When she told me to pick out a pair, I was so happy.  Before we were through with the sale I had four pairs resting on the bottom shelf of my bookcase.

One brown leather pair fit well and I began wearing them often.  Even in 90 degree weather!  My cousins teased me a bit.

To me they were a symbol of love, family, and strength.

I traveled alone for three weeks that July attending a wedding, seeing family, then back home.  For fun I texted a picture of me wearing the boots to my cousin.  I told her I’d be fine because I had her daddy’s boots on.

Power Boots.

It just kind of stuck.

I feel confident and strong wearing them.  They just feel right.

Let go of your past!  Embrace your new season.

We have to move forward.

It’s up to us to do the work.  If we remain in passivity and paralyzed by regrets, we can’t expect anything to change.

We can choose to make things happen.

Set goals.  Determine a focus.  Put your plans into action.

Girl!  Get yourself  some power boots and go get the rest of your life!













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