The Next Thing



The last day before we had a nice long break from the classroom, our staff at school had a Christmas ornament exchange.   When my number came up,  I unwrapped a delicate red and gold painted Santa.  It was stolen right away by a teacher that collected them.  My final choice was two little fluffy sheep.  I saw them and fell in love.  I captured them from our librarian and she wasn’t too happy with me.  I couldn’t help it.   These two adorable little lambs smiled at me, adorned with green holly and bells.  I couldn’t ignore the deep personal meaning they held for me.  No one else in the room was aware what I held in my heart in the midst of the frustration or laughter involved with our game.

I kept thinking these words, “My sheep hear my voice.”  I wanted to bring them home and hang them on my tree.  Two little toy sheep.  Captivating.  Amazingly symbolic.

“My sheep hear my voice.”

As I walked through the front door of this new year before us, I thought about a recent facebook post and chuckled.  An acquaintance took pictures of himself, his wife and their two children ‘stepping into the new year’.  The post read, “We’re putting our right foot forward as we step into this new year.”    But as I step through, even purposing to ‘put my right forward’ so-to-speak’, I have no idea where it will take me.   None of us really do.  As I contemplate the events over  the last almost 15 months of my life, I just feel amazing gratitude.  I realize I’m in a place I never thought I would be.  Have taken on tasks I never thought I had the courage to.  Have spoken words to people in strength I never thought I had.

When I think about this year, I can only get this far.  Putting God first.  Reading His word more.  Praying more.  Trusting Him more.  That’s all I can do.  And personally I think as I hope or dream and plan for other things in this life, it’s where I need to begin.  Again.

So when I saw those little lambs, I was reminded of God’s promise, “My sheep hear my voice.”

I want to follow His best path for my life.  And keep following it.

So far He hasn’t let me down.  And I know that’s impossible, because His ways are far better than mine.

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